DW193-03 Chinese Kung fu Routine identification of Chen style taijiquan Zhu Tiancai MP4

Zhu Tiancai, the 19th inheritor of Chen-style Taijiquan is hailed as Taiji King Kong of Taijiquan. This is a routine of simple and easy-understanding teaching material he summarizes from his forty years of teaching experience. This program has summarized three parts of practicing Chen-style Taijiquan and distilled the elements of practicing four postures and eight forces of push-hand in Chen-style Taijiquan, so that you know well how to practice Chen-style Taijiquan. 

Lecture Eight, Ask and answer of Chen-style 
Lecture Nine, Routine identification of Chen-style Taijiquan.

  • Lecturer: Zhu Tiancai
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese
  • Length of time: 110'47"

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