Chinese Kungfu Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Course Vol.12 - How to Hit Efficiently MP4

Chinese Kungfu Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Course Vol.12 by Wei Feng DVD

(How to Hit Efficiently)

Explained and Demonastrated by Wei Feng, the second generation disciple of Bruce Lee's JEET KUNE DO, the president and chief coach of the Zhuhai JEET KUNE DO CLUB.

Colligating the Chinese Kungfu with the West Boxing, Bruce Lee, the famous international movie star and Wushu Expert, created JEET KUNE DO, which was popularized to world by the Hollywood movie. It made great influence so that the Chinese Kungfu is so commended. Wei Feng, the drillmaster of the special troop of the PLA, learns JEET KUNE DO from Huang Jinming, who was handed from Bruce Lee directly. With what he has learn, he published The Unique Skill of Bruce Lee's Leg Work, The Entire Series of Bruce Lee, Authoritative JEET KUNE DO, Mortal Biff Combat Training of the Special Army, and so on.

Rhythm is one of the most important segments in JKD. Many people must have heard of JKD Trapping. It is similar to counting 1,2,3, useful for releasing our power. Nomally, we say " hit,hit,hit" or "hit, hit,kick“, which is a kind of special rhythm. This video will teach you how to master the rhythm in detail.

One core section in JKD is how to hit efficiently. JKD's moves are practical and used to fight against the opponent.

This video explains how to find the most simple skills to increase attack efficiency from sophisticated and numerous moves.

  • Lecturer: Wei Feng
  • Format: DVD
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese
  • Length of time: 45'39"