DW211-03-05 China's Wushu 115 Style Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan by Lin Mogen MP4

Yang-style taijiquan on wheelchair, created by Lin Mogen who is the famous Taijiquan master, is based on his long term practicing of Taijiquan. Being invited to go to all parts of the country to teach Yang-style taijiquanin most of his time, Master Lin Mogen is favored by many Yang-style taijiquan fans. People learning Yang-style taijiquan benefited a great deal in building up their bodies, so its good-to-health capacity earns many appreciations. Some disabled people or those have difficulty in moving by the lower limbs hope to study and master it. Therefore, for the sake of these people with strong mind and those Yang-style taijiquan fans, Lin Mogen is moved and wants to propagate it more extensively and help the disabled build up body strength. According to the characters of Yang-style taijiquan and the developed experience for years, he combines the traditional routines with the actual situation of the disabled, and creates Taijiquan on Wheelchair. After years of practice and development, Taijiquan on Wheelchair receives high appreciation from the disabled, those people having difficulties on lower body and the old. Taijiquan on Wheelchair has made a great contribution to their health.

  • Lecturer: Lin Xin
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese 
  • Length of time: 341'04"

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