DW122-03 Muay Thai Boxing Series - Leg Techniques (3/6) by Wu Bing MP4

The Leg Techniques of Thai Boxing: The leg techniques is called "ashi" in Thai Boxing, it is a weapon in closed combat, very famous. There is no Thai Boxer who doesn't know how to use the leg, so it is called Thai Foot. In the Thai saying, nine of the ten leg movements are dangerous, very difficult to defend. It is overwhelming.   

  • Lecturer: Wu Bing
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English
  • Length of time: 54'07"

Thai kickboxing is the national martial art of Thailand, enjoying a good reputation of being unconquered for five hundred years. Thai kickboxing uses double fists, double elbows, double knees, and double feet as weapons, so is also called Eight Arms Boxing. Thai kickboxing is classified into two styles. One is for performance and the other for competition. The performance Thai kickboxing form uses leg techniques, and its main advantage is attacking with elbows and knees while breathing through the stomach. Powerful and decisive attacks constitute its style. Under the direction of fighting rules, two players conduct unarmed fighting. It is a traditional physical event in Thailand. The fighters wear gloves in the ring and fight with their feet and backs naked. The ceremony before the match is very strange, something on the order of a ritual.