DW170-04 Chen style Taijiquan Series - Tai Chi New Form Routine II Wang Xi'an MP4

Chen Style Taijiquan New Frame Routine II is also known as connon hammer. New Frame Routine II is relatively complicated. In the routine, there are main technique of pull down, splitting, elbowing and leaning, and auxiliary ones of warding off, stroking, pushing against, pressing adown.

It is integrated with hardness and softness, firmness orientated. It draws force from stamping , moves agilely as lightning ,scuttle and jump randomly, spring and quiver flexibly, and emphasize the exercise of elastic force. Externally it takes the fortitude and jump as its main technique, the slowness and gentleness as its auxiliary technique. The way of exerting strength asks for leading the whole body with hands, while matching agile footwork Hardness is the main characteristic, integrated with softness. Firmness and internal force are the master. Without internal movement, without external action. One movement brings about the movement of whole body, which are linked successively, without any letup.

  • Lecturer: Wang Xi'an
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese 
  • Length of time: 113'12"

Grandmaster Wang Xi’an

Wang Xi'an, born in 1944, is from Chenjiagou, Wenxian, Henan Province, China. He is one of the 'gao tu' (high skilled disciples) of 18th generation successors, Chen Zhaopi and Chen Zhaokui. He is one of the most notable representatives of the 19th generation successors. Wang Xi'an is the Head Coach of the Wenxian Taijiquan Training and Promotion Center, Vice Secretary-General of the Wenxian International Taijiquan Research Meeting and Competition, Director of the Wenxian, Chenjiagou Martial Arts Training Institute, and the Head Coach and Head Advisor to Taijiquan Associations in Japan, France, Malaysia, South Korea, and in nearly every province in China. He is also Vice Dean of the Henan University Athletics Department, Honorary Famous Lecturer of Henan Teachers University, and Executive Council member of the Henan Province Tourist Association. 

In 1983 Wang Xi'an was appointed as a Coach of the Henan Province Martial Arts Training Center, Zhengzhou. He many times won All China National Push Hands and Forms Championships. Since 1983 he has brought up many outstanding students. His students have won more than one hundred gold and silver medals in Henan Province and China National Push Hands and Forms Competitions. His second son, Wang Zhanjun, stands undefeated in Push Hands Competitions since 1993.

In the interest of promoting Chen Style Taijiquan, Wang Xi'an has many times gone to Japan, France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, and other countries to pass on his skill and knowledge. The brother of the Emperor of Japan once invited Wang Xi'an as an honored guest at the Imperial Palace. The Mayor of Osaka, Japan presented Wang Xi'an with a Gold Key to the City and made him an honorary citizen. He also was a guest of France's President Chirac.