DW118-12 Chen Style Taich The 36 Forms of Simplified Chen Style Taijiquan - Wu Shijun MP4

This set come from the Old Frame Routine One of Chen style Taijiquan, but is a simplified one consisting of 36 forms which retain the essence of Chen style Taijiquan. Demonstrated by Wu Shijun, it can be used as the primary course for Chen style Taijiquan. His demonstration retains the primitive taste of Chen style Taijiquan and conveys the basic principles for the set.

  • Lecturer: Wu Shijun
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese
  • Length of time: 59'29"

Grandmaster Wu Shijun

Wu Shi Jun is appearing everywhere right now. He is a professional instructor with a number of arts who seems, in addition, to be making himself something of a media presenter for the art. He is trying to remain traditional and yet popularize and explicate the relationship of the arts to Chinese culture. We put him under his name because his martial background is wide and extensive. He comes from XiaoYi in Shanxi province. He started learning BaFa and other systems from Jia Hu Chen, Dong Wei Shan and Li Tian Zhan. In 1966 he began Chen Taiji with Feng ZhiQian and Tian XiuChen. He has training in BaGua, Taiji, Xing Yi, possibly Yi Quan, Bafa, Long Fist and Canon Fist not to mention a number of others. Expect this section to continue to grow as Wu Sifu expands his presentations. Here's a little more about the Ba Fa style.