DW165-11 Taoist Qigong Longmen-style Taiji Series Long men Tai Chi Stick by Li Fajun MP4

Longmen taichi stick is a martial routine practiced with a stick. It's mainly practiced in northwestern area of China.

The routine is strictly combined in accordance with the rules of attacking, defending, advancing and retreating. Simple and imposing, the movements look very charming and powerful.Longmen Tai Chi Stick commences by discharging great force while showing others the impression of weakness.

The routine of Longmen Tai Chi Stick is rich in content and well structured, suitable for people of all ages. The movements are very practical and alluring. Diversion tactic is well applied in this routine. The stick can be held by single hand or both hands with high proficiency. It contains 12 kinds of attacking skills.

  • Lecturer: Li Fajun
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese
  • Subtitle: English
  • Length of time: 64'05"