DW091-02 Quintessence Wan Laishen's Free Combat in Nature School No.2 -Lin Qingsong MP4

In Wushu combat, the most cruel and venomous form is attacking the crotch. It would be tragic if one's crotch were hurt badly.

Lin Qingsong, a student taught by Wan Laisheng, developed the "Genitals-locked Skill" through more than forty years of practice, which ought to relieve most wushu practitioners' worry about the technique's safety in practice. Lin Qingsong is not only an excellent martial artist, but also a very famous calligrapher. He is culturally learned and skilled at Wushu, and these two talents complement each other. 

  • Lecturer: Qingsong
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese
  • Length of time: 59'50"