DW165-05 Taoist Longmen-style Taiji - Long men Da Gou (Dog-Hitting) Stick by Li Fajun MP4

Da (hit) Gou (dog) Stick also called 3 feet stick. The length of the stick could  be different. It usually based on the height of the player. Stardard length is  one fist higher than the height of the knee from the ground. Stick methods are  tight and simple. Practical. Pointing up and hitting down. Linked offence. Major  skills are: Bo (poke), Lian (block), Liao (sprinke), Shao (sweep), Pi (cut),  Dian (point), and Tiao (pick), total 3 sentences 12 stick methods. Play it fast  for self-defense; Play it slow to preserve health.

  • Lecturer: Li Fajun
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese
  • Subtitle: Chinese
  • Length of time: 46'15"