DT052-04 Chinese Medicine Massage Cures Diseases in Good Effects - Insomnia MP4

Insomnia refers to a disease caused by the barriers in the beginning and maintaining process of sleeping, which cause the quantity and quality of sleeping to fail to meet the need of the body. Its symptoms are as follows: body fatigue, being listless, dizzy, flustered and sleep-thirsty, unfocused attention, a deteriorating memory, etc. Preventing and curing insomnia through massage is safe and effective and it mainly adjusts the functions of the viscera by stimulating relevant acupuncture points. It's a chronic disease, so with the therapy for a moderate period of time, a satisfying effect can be achieved though repeated massage on a regular basis, going with the cupping therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion (in Eastern medicine, the practice of burning a cone or cylinder of downy or woolly material derived from various plants on the skin for its counterirritant effect) introduced in our DVD.
  • Lecturer: Jiao Naijun
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese
  • Length of time: 56'03"

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