DW165-14 Longmen style Taiji Series of Dragon Gate Tai Chi Quan - Dragon Sword MP4

“When it points to the sky, birds fly away. When it sweeps the earth, it is not stained with dust."

  As the teacher said,"Traveling Dragon Sword was handed down by Taoist Lu Xuan From Dragon Gate School. It is one of the sectet Dragon Gate  routines and few mortals can access it."

"It comes like a thunderbolt to silence people. It stops like lights linger on the sea."

Traveling Dragon Sword tempers force with grace. Its postures are elegant while the skills are unique. When on the move, the practitioner feels like stepping on cloud or snow.When the sword dances, it is as light as flake or wind. The body follows the steps, and then the practitioner turns the waist like a python. Forms of the sword changes very quickly, like a flying goose, like moving wave. The practitioner strides as if a horse gallops, When you watch the Traveling Dragon Sword, you will be impressed by her charm. When you try to snatch the travelling Dragon Sword, you will be shoked at its fierce. The practitioner can use the sword single-handed or double-handed. The sword skills are unique and changeable. Rough and unrestrained, powerful and flexible, the Travelling Dragon Sword is regarded as treasure by the Taoists, and few people have the luck to learn it.

  • Lecturer: Li Fajun
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese
  • Subtitle: English
  • Length of time: 44'03"