DW116-03 ShaoLin Kongfu Chinese Peculiar Weapon Series 9 section Whip by Shi Debiao MP4

Shi Debiao, The 31st generation Disciple of Shaolin Temple, person we said that can throw thousands of darts in one time. He learned Wushu handed down from his ancestors when he was just a little boy, and then he treated Suxi master, the abbot of Shaolin Temple as his teacher, and began to learn the authentic Shaolin Kongfu, He joined this Kung fu with every kinds of weapons and make these weapons to raise to a new level, and he is praised by Wushu area people and audiences. It is good to practice this set for keeping body agile when exercising the hidden weapons.

Lecturer: Shi Debiao
Format: MP4
Language Speaking: Chinese 
Subtitle: English/Chinese
Length of time: 55'39"