DW035 Liang style Bagua Eight Diagrams Palm Ba Gua Old 8 Palms by Zhang Quanliang MP4

The Old Eight Palms of the Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm are also called Eight Mother Palms, Big Eight Palms, Changing Forms Palms, which are the oldest, the most basic, the most important, the most practical palms techniques originated. Practicing the Old Eight Palms will help you to master a lot of techniques such as the pushing, supporting, dragging, leading, parrying, buckling, chopping, advancing, piercing, dodging, cutting, blocking, twisting, turning, walking, rotating, grasping, winding, stroking, drilling, pressing, waving, striking, stamping, ticking, linking and following.

  • Lecturer: Zhang Quanliang
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English
  • Length of time: 68'15" 

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