The Fifth Principle- Advisor- 3 payments

In the first month of the Advisor and Partner options, we’ll have four 1-on-1 meetings (weekly) to accomplish the following:

  • Week 1: Onboarding: We’ll get you all set up with folders, files, calendar, and additional resources.
  • Week 2: Define Success: We’ll support you in defining and clarifying your vision to meet your goals!
  • Week 3: 12 Month Strategy: We’ll create and define your specific strategy to reach your goals.

  • Week 4: ConnectionsWe’ll connect you to the resources and people you need to succeed.
After the first month, we’ll either continue executing your strategy either alongside your team as an advisor and mentor or for you as your Partner team for the remaining months of your contract OR you can cancel our agreement and you’ll walk away with your defined vision and strategy and continued access to our educational academy (online learning programs - a $1997 value). We do this to take away all the risk on your end so you can experience the opportunities we’ll create together in this program!