Spirit Cleanser

The aura is like a sponge, absorbing surrounding energies everywhere we go.
This can sometimes become problematic as those energies are not always beneficial.
The occasional refresher is required to free you from it weighing you down and dulling your intuition.

After receiving a request for one, I made this sigil to automate the process.
I programmed the sigil with a few types of cleansing to cover several possibilities.

1. Aura/Spirit/Soul cleansing
2. Entity Removal
3. Energy field re-alignment
4. Spirit upliftment

My recommendation on how to use it:

There is no need to print this sigil as you only need a few minutes of exposure for it to clean your aura.
Copy the sigil to your mobile device and open the image for a couple of minutes whenever you feel you need a clearing.
The backlight of the phone/watch/tablet etc. should remain on for the entire period the sigil is in use.

And that is all you need to do to achieve results with this sigil.