Harmonic Resonance

Explaining the exact function of this sigil is a little difficult to put into words so I'll describe it as best I can.

The sigil is programmed to align you with the universe and create perfect harmonic resonance.
What that means is; you will be able to better enact your own will upon your surroundings.

It will enhance the way you interact with energy which intern impacts things like manifestations and energy healing.

The sigil stimulates energy flow within the body which is used for the alignment process.
The energy flows through the crown and exits through the root chakra or vice versa, this will be explained by usage instructions.

The effects of the sigil is fast acting, you will start to feel a change within a couple of minutes of first use.
You may on occasion experience spontaneous oobe's.
You will definitely experience vibrations in your energy field, anyone can feel this not just the energy sensitive.

On to usage:
Using a physical copy of the sigil, move it slowly from the crown chakra to all your major chakras ending at the root chakra.
Energy flows through the crown and exits through the root or you can reverse the process and have it exit through the crown.
You then simply carry the sigil with you, you can use radionics but I recommend just carrying it.

The direction of energy flow can be changed at any time.