Astral Projection Sigil

Astral projection or astral travel is an out-of-body experience achieved either awake, via lucid dreaming or meditation. People who perform/experience astral projection describe it as their astral body or spirit having left their physical body and enters another dimension known as the astral plane.

The Astral projection sigil is comprised of several complex geometric shapes meant to mould the flow of energy and create something akin to a lubricant for the spiritual body and a strong, constant energy flow to pry it loose.
It will be a valuable tool for those who are currently practicing Astral Projection or anyone attempting it for the first time alike.
For current practitioners the process of leaving your body will become effortless, now this may not be the case immediately but it will start to feel that way as you will undoubtedly notice with repeated use of the sigil, how much easier the process becomes.
The sigil can cause spontaneous Astral Travel so be careful.

Let’s move on to how you use it….
You can use radionics, psionic, anything that can transmit energy remotely, don’t add intent, just transmit the sigils energy, should be simple enough. This method of transmitting the energy is meant for people actively practicing astral travel.

My recommended way of using the sigil, print in A3-recommended (A4 minimum) and simply lie down on top of it, the sigils should be position so that your back covers it, your neck and up must not be directly in the energy flows path. From here you attempt to project onto the astral planes.

Happy Travels.