Love&Lust 2019

So what's new?

I expanded the field to attract based on your individual preferences. Both men and women can use this sigil to attract members of the opposite or same sex. Included instructions on how to tune the sigil.
Unlike the 2015 version of the sigil, this one has a proper emotional anchor to improve the overall progression of events after initial contact. This creates a more stable bond and increases the likelihood of achieving satisfactory results.

The sigils programming to create lust/arousal has been improved.
Some additions has also been added from user suggestions:

Creates an aura of sexual magnetism.
Protection as to not effect family members.
Protection against negative energies/emotions put out by people (competition).
Boost in confidence and sex drive/performance. Women will likely experience a lesser boost from the programming for sex drive/performance.

Users that has the 2015 version of the sigil will receive an 80% discount, I will send you a code via the sellfy message system. If you do not receive it, please feel free to contact me.