Phantom Caster Pro

The Phantom Caster Pro uses my classic circuit based design combined with a new interactive user interface and multiple power plates as a replacement for the traditional power supply.

The device has:
1 Control Panel - to set various options related to the devices operation.
4 Trend Plates - each plate can have a different trend.
2 Protection Fields - each protection field governs 2 trend plates and 1 amplifier to prevent any unforeseen circumstance.
2 Amplification Plates - each plate amplifies 2 trends.
1 Auto Rate Generator - Automatically generates a rate/rates for the trends being run.
1 Target Plate - the trend and target plates have been specially designed to maximize manifestation efficiency.

Very easy to use.
Works with sigils, thought forms, servitors, text, archetypal trends etc.
Run simultaneous trends on yourself.
Run simultaneous trends on multiple targets.
The device is powered by the 4 trend plates, 2 amplifier plates, the rate plate and the target plate. Needless to say, it is not in short supply of power.
Print as many copies of the caster as you want.

Bonus sigils to get you started.
01_Confidence - R-Quest set vol.1
03_Protect_Property - R-Quest set vol.3
Calm Mind - PMagick Sigils
Creativity - PMagick Sigils
Increase powers of persuasion - Self-improvement set