Full Body Meditation

There are so many advantages to meditation but not everyone has the time to enter a deep meditative state as it can sometimes take quite a while to achieve especially for anyone new to the practice.
This sigil is designed to slowly effect a physical and spiritual change that will allow you to achieve a deeper and more profound experience while meditating.

Some of the benefits of meditation that you will experience just using the sigil itself:
Peace of mind, happiness.
Helps with focus & concentration.
Deeper levels of physical relaxation.
Increases blood flow and slow the heart rate.
Develops intuition.
Increased self-actualization.
Harmonizes endocrine system.
Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation.
Less aggressiveness.
Increases exercise tolerance.
Increased emotional stability.
Increase creativity.
Decreases muscle tension.

Usage instruction:
This sigil can be worn or carried, just doing that will provide; body relaxation, calm the mind, expand awareness, increase endurance etc.

During meditation; set the sigil down and sit on top of it, aligned with you root chakra and begin your meditative practice.