The Seeds Of Power

7 of the most commonly used seed mantras in a powerful sigilized form.

Om - The Om mantra is probably the most well practiced of all the seed mantras and will be substitute for the (Glaum & Haum) mantras as it is superior in achieving their respective effects.

Eim - Improves all aspects associated with intelligence e.g. Success in spiritual, artistic and scientific endeavours, music and education.

Gum - Remove obstacles and bring success.

Hrim - For clarity seeing through illusions of reality.

Klim - Attraction of all things e.g. love, wealth, friends etc.

Krim - Seed sound of creation and destruction e.g. remove negative ego.

Shrim - Abundance of all things e.g. love, wealth, family etc.

The new set is considerably better than the original and is superior in every aspect. During testing the sigils showed some interesting results when interacting with more dedicated sigils and some fairly impressive results from simple radionic sessions using the sigil as the trend and playing the spoken mantra as audio (while listening to it).

These sigils can just be carried but you are of course free to use them as you want.