Shamballa Seat

For this seat I decided to try a different approach than just making another graphic sigil. This version is audio based.

The audible part of this file is white noise, some of you may not like the sound, you can play something over it that's more to your liking.

How to use:

1: You play the audio on a loop, in a room where you'll have privacy. The energy released during the audio playback will fill the room and turn it into a temporary version of the seat.
So your room would become a physical manifestation of that seat. You can play it through a chi-gen.

2. It can be used at a low volume on your mobile devices when you want to use it in a public setting (with earphones if you don't want it to be audible to anyone else. Just play it and let the energy fill your body’s energy field (you don't have to listen to it, just have it playing).

Some of you may have other methods of using it, don't limit yourself to only these options.