Radionics Booster Extreme Pro

The sigil is comprised of several layers of intent and a powerful energy flow. A major improvement over its predecessor.
Included is a transmission plate that can be used to focus the RBEPro's energy.

A tool with endless possibilities:
Use sigil as a universal trend in Rad software
Enhance your hypnosis tracks.
Boost any and all radionics devices.
Boost the efficiency of your radionics software.
Give any Sigil a kick in the pants.
Use audio spells without the need for an external chi-gen

And that barely even scratches the surface of what this magickal tool is capable of.
The perfect tool for anyone without a chi-gen.

This is a multipurpose tool that can be used for virtually anything psionic/magick related.

Also included is a audio track called "Manifestation Music" and can be used to accelerate any trend, not just those used with the RBEPRO but also the RBE, RBE Casters, Astro Casters or any other manifestation tool you might have.

All my products contains energetic programing that protects it from unauthorized use.