Astro Caster EVOLUTION

Though named after the Astro Caster System, the only thing they have in common is the fact that they use planetary energies.
The new caster doesn't use static energy sources and you can supplement your own energy sources. If for example you have the RBE/Pro, you can integrate it directly into the caster.
The energy templates are individual sigils and can be used for other things, not just as a power source for the casters.
Each of the planetary sigils has been programmed with protection from the negative aspects of its associated planet and to bring forth the blessing of said planet.
The caster is capable of running 4 simultaneous trends and energies.

So what's included in this package?

5 Planetary Energy sigils
The Moon
The Sun

4 Sigils to create financial abundance
Financial Gain
Gain Money

1 protection sigil to enhance pre-configured effects.

6 EVO Casters, 1 for each of the 5 planets and 1 that is blank for custom configurations. There is an additional 2 casters in the examples folder with trends already configured using the provided sigils for quick application.