A sigil that would allow communication with benevolent races like; The Arcturians, Telosians, Nordic Lyrans, Alpha Centaurians, Pleiadians, etc.

I tried to make this as easy to use as possible.

Print out the sigil.

Find a comfortable place to sit.

You will need a flat surface to place the sigil and rest your arm on.

Set down the sigil and place your hand on top of it.
Now just try to relax and let your mind wonder (think of the beings you will be attempting to contact) for about 10 minutes. This is to allow you time to synchronize with the sigil and increase your presence.

Once you are ready, try to establish a line of communication, if you have a specific being in mind, call out to them.

If not, think of the race you are interested in and focus on that, the sigil will do the rest.

It will send out a signal seeking any sign of intelligence, you won’t have awareness of the signal but you are connected to it so when it gets a response, you'll know immediately.

When the signal makes contact, a two way connection is established, no different than phone call.

From here on you're in the driver seat.

Remember to ask its name, once you have it, imagine that beings info being stored in the sigil, like saving a contact. This info will only be available in the copy of the sigil you are using.

One more thing, don't carry the sigil if you're not planning to use it, you could unintentionally activate it and attract entities within you vicinity. THAT COULD BE BAD.