Reinforcement Bar Axe
Metal Pipe Weapons
DIY Deadly Bate
Flower Cart
Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun – SPAS 12
Liver model for 3D Printing
Skull - 3D Print model
Rock Props
Air-Conditioner Unit
Openable Cabinet Asset Pack
Hand Washer
Floor Wooden Cabinet
Floor Wooden Cabinet
Hospital Bed (based on Wasteland2 concepts)
Old Dumpster
Oxygen Cart
Water Tank Prop Pack
Popsicle Cart
Water Tank
Survival Water Tank
Jerrycan Container (WWII)
Air Conditioner
Pipe Bomb
Wood Chest
Old damaged trash drum
Scatter Gun
Electronic Kiosk
Wooden Furniture Cabinet
Power Plant Wheeled - 3D Asset for games
Gas Cylinders - 3D assets for games
Electric Chair - 3D asset for games
Hydrant - 3D asset for games
Old Medieval Guillotine - 3D asset for games
Old Gas Station - 3D Asset for games
Briefcase with explosives - 3D Asset for games




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