Genghis Bolivar Delusion (Mar 2015)
Back on the Right Track [D2] (Oct 2010)
Surreal Cereal Killers (Aug 2014)
Neuro Linguistic Programming (Feb 2011)
Philosophy & Skepticism (May 2014)
Rise and Fall Ye Apemen  (Aug 2011)
100 Years of Calamity (Jan 2015)
Romance Is Dead [II] (Apr 2010)
The Peasants are Revolting [6] (Oct 2010)
Blacklisted News [Guest Host] (Jan 2012)
Snowpiercer Gets It Right (Mar 2014)
Don't Go West (Version 2.0)
My Dinner with Stygian Port [4] (Oct 2009)
Programmed Instruction Parades (Oct 2011)
The Power of Words (Aug 2013)
Of Human Genocide (Mar 2015)
Lady Gaga's Telephone (LFOD) (Mar 2010)
Death to the New Flesh (Mar 2010)
Dallas Goldbug [Mother's Day] (May 2013)
Lee Rogers Visits the RP [#2] (Jul 2013)
Lenon Honor [Borg Zombies] (Mar 2010)
IN2012ZIONOZ [BRF VII] (Feb 2010)
Smoking Drinking Driving (Feb 2010)
Blacklisted News [Guest Spot] (Feb 2010)
Bloodhounds & Detectives (Jun 2013)
Don't Go West (Version 1.1)
When Right is Wrong [GoT] (Jul 2013)
Black Beauties & Real Life (Apr 2013)
As Below So Above (May 2013)
Guest Spot on LFOD [#01] (Feb 2014)
Valentine’s Day is Over (Feb 2010)
Hitler und Der Alpine Rebel (Aug 2013)
Will to Power Series [#1] (Sep 2014)
Welcome to the Machine (June 2013)
Will to Power Series [#2] (Sep 2014)
Michael Tsarion Interview (Mar 2010)
Katy Perry Halftime Analysis (Feb 2015)
Blood & Chocolate & Elvis (Feb 2011)


Stored podcasts of The Celtic Rebel's Rebel Path Show. More shows (newer and older) to be added.


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