Rory Dall's Port Ele/Intermediate Harp solo arr. C McKay

Rory Dall's Port 

Robert Burns set his achingly beautiful words ‘Ae fond kiss and then we sever’ to this harp tune. 

Description of technical requirements - 


2 pdfs, one with, one without suggested fingerings
(plus 3 pdfs for rehearsal with duo/group/student & teacher)

RH melody with LH accompaniment pattern & LH melody with RH accompaniment pattern

Introduces improvisation

LH - maximum interval for placing 4th (option to use octave interval or single note)

short phrases with some joined placings

full dynamic markings and phrase markings

9 varied sections using melody/rhythmic patterns/improvised section/sound effects

(plus 3 pdfs with the same music scored out as seperate parts to assist the hand seperately practise either in a duo / group situation or by teacher and student)