The Sneug Water Waltz - Chris Stout, solo fiddle & mp3

The Sneug Water Waltz - Chris Stout
solo fiddle & mp3

The ‘Sneug’ is the highest peak on the small Shetland island of Foula.
Foula has a population of about 40 people and boasts some of the most spectacular costal scenery in the UK.

Close to the top of the ‘Sneug’ there’s a rock with a bowl, naturally eroded over thousands of years. The water that gathers in this bowl is renowned by local folk for its healing properties.

This tune was written after a memorable trip to Foula I made with Fiddlers’ Bid some years ago now. We had such fun and I have to confess that after a climb to the top of the Sneug the water’s powers were certainly appreciated!

[The 4 beat bar in the second half is optional. I choose only to play the 4 beats on the very last turn through the tune. For a regular 3 beat bar then simply change the dotted crotchet and quaver to a dotted quaver and semiquaver, making it into a 3 beat bar. This would certainly be better for dancing!]