The Auld Harp CD 2013 Catriona McKay & Olov Johansson

Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay 
Swedish Nyckelharpa and Scottish Harp

Embrace the moment when two harp traditions meet! Widely recognised for their individual harp talents, Olov is a nyckelharpa master who drives the Swedish harp boldly forward while Catriona, a Celtic harper like no other, is known for playing her Scottish harp to 'sound like an orchestra'. Olov's striking nychelharpa tunes are sculpted and textured by Catriona's creative arrangements and innovative rhythmic use of her harp. A few specially selected classic old Swedish tunes bursting with character and a splash of Scottish style compositions add a joy and warmth to their set. It's the meeting of two harps but most significantly, two fine musicians who give life to this unique world of music known as 'The Auld Harp'. 

Gm The Auld Harp 
C Rory + Masbopolkett
G Going Green
C-minor polska
D Näcken & Skoella
C Splash 
Gm Ballongen 
G Ruben's Lullaby
Cm Marks A
C Fritz Widlund
F January Lament
G John O’Connor/ Tame her when the snow comes
G UMEÅ Strathspey / The Melt / fast reel
Bb Spelmansglädje

 “…utterly reshapes our perception of the instruments’ potential…A radiant excursion into uncharted terrain.” Irish Times ****

“a beguiling combination of timbres” The Scotsman **** 

“This is the duo's second album, harp plus harp creates amazing new folkmusic. They create sounds that intertwine, sometimes gently , sometimes ferocious. A match made in heaven.”  LiRA Music Magazine