Invisible from Land and Sea, 2008, Catriona McKay & Alistair MacDonald (Strange Rainbow)

Strange Rainbow play in imaginary worlds where the familiar dissolves into the unfamiliar.
This is a very deliberate meeting of traditions. Catriona plays a customised clarsach with sounds processed by Alistair MacDonald's laptop, along with soundscapes drawn from the environment.
As a duo they make music that seems at once dislocated and greatly concerned with roots and connections; a rendering of traditional musical language refracted through contemporary performance technique, and then again through the transformations of live electronics to explore new, unimagined colours.

catrionamckay | harp
alistair macdonald | laptop/live electronics

invisible from land and sea, 2008

until the streams overflow

surveying the greatness of it all

moved along by the ceaseless tide of our own forward steps

the stones and the woods and the trees only told what you knew already

between hope and terror

transformed into these lacy fiery fragments

words: Angus Peter Campbell, images/design: Robert Hakalski