Bingsjö Lilla Långdans (3 pdf's BEGINNER, ELE/INT, Tune & Chords arr. C McKay

Bingsjö Lilla Långdans 

(3 versions - Beginners, Elementary, tune&chords)

A beautiful warm Swedish tune played by Fiddlers’ Bid on their album ‘All Dressed in Yellow’ 2010

Description of technical requirements - 

beginners version

Tune divided between RH & LH using 2nd finger only

separate simple bass part LH using 2nd finger only

Description of technical requirements - 

elementary version

RH melody with LH chord accompaniment

LH uses basic chord shapes, 3,2,1 scale pattern

LH - maximum stretch of octave interval

simple, short phrases

intro & outro

tune & chords version to facilitate joining in by other melody / chord instruments