Harp Elementary

Ruben's Lullaby, Catriona McKay - Elementary Harp Solo
Rory Dall's Port Ele/Intermediate Harp solo arr. C McKay
Raise Your Sails, elementary solo hp arr. C McKay
Minnie O Shirva's Cradle Song, Elementary arr. C McKay
12 trad tunes (elementary) arr. Catriona McKay
Crodh Chailein, Colin’s Cattle arr. Catriona McKay
Bi Éoghainn, Euan’s Boat Arr. C McKay
Fac’ Thu Na Feidh, Did you see the Deer? arr. C McKay
Greenland Man’s Tune arr. C McKay
Thoir an nall Ailean ugam  - Bring Alan Across to me arr. C McKay
Thig am Bata, The Boat will Come arr. C McKay
Sìne bhàn, Fair Jean arr. C McKay
Seven Step Polka arr. C McKay
Oran na maighdinn mhara, The Mermaid’s Song arr. C McKay

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