MCKAY STOUT MUSIC list of available scores 10/05/2020
KRONOS REEL Catriona McKay (3 versions - hp solo / hp duo / hp, flute, chords)
Da Day Dawn/Greenland Man's Tune arr. Stout/McKay Harp & Fiddle DUO
The Chris Stout Collection VOL 1 complete
Chris Stout Collection Vol. 1 - Bundle 1 - The Reels
Chris Stout Collection Vol. 1 - Bundle 2 - Jigs & Things
Chris Stout Collection Vol. 1 - Bundle 3 - 11 Mid Tempo Tunes
Chris Stout Collection Vol. 1 - Bundle 4 - The Slow Airs
Da Trow’s Jig, Chris Stout Harp & Fiddle (arr. McKay / Stout)
Da Sneug Water Waltz - Chris Stout HARP & FID arr. C McKay & C Stout
Aval Moon - Catriona McKay, Harp Solo or Harp / Solo Violin / Strings
Da Smugglers Set (harp & fiddle duo)
Maureen's Waltz composed by Catriona McKay for solo harp or harp/flute/melody/chord instrument
Da White Wife - Chris Stout (fiddle & chords pdf & solo fiddle mp3)
The Fruit and the Snoot - Liz Carroll, arr. C McKay HARP SOLO
Royal Lament / Caoineadh Rioghail HP SOLO arr. C McKay
SWAN LK243 Catriona McKay (Solo Harp, Advanced, Solo Harp Intermediate, Tune & Chords)
The Salutation composed by Alistair MacDonald for Harp & Tape
Ruben's Lullaby, Catriona McKay - Elementary Harp Solo
Halleluya, Jewish prayer tune Harp Solo arr. Catriona McKay
Dainty Davie, Words by Robert Burns, HP & VOICE arr. C McKay
Hillswick/Da Spirit o' Whisky/Stout's Trip to Skea arr. C McKay
6 O'Carolan Tunes Arr. Catriona McKay
Nanny and Andrew, Shetland Reel Set arr. C McKay
Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes, Hp&Voice, Robert Burns, arr. Catriona McKay
Lamentation for MacGregor of Roro, ADVANCED level, Arr C McKay
Rory Dall's Port Ele/Intermediate Harp solo arr. C McKay
Lovat's Restoration Set, ADV arr. C McKay
Glengarry Strathspey & 3 Reels arr. C McKay ADV harp solo
Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland & Reel Saint-Antoine arr. C McKay
Dh'fhag thu mi fo bhron, Thou hast left me feeling melancholy, INT/ADV arr. C McKay
Lord John Campbell (Strathspey), Nameless Reel, The Cuckoo, INT LEVEL Arr. C McKay
Sealg a ́s sùgradh nan gleann, Hunting and Sporting of the Glens, INT level, arr. C McKay
Tame Her When Da Snow Comes Arr. C McKay
Milking the Cows, Cailin Deas Seruidadh na mBo, Bunting Collection, arr. C McKay
Maurice O'Connor, O'Carolan Arr. C McKay
Miss Murphy, O'Carolan Arr. C McKay
Raise Your Sails, elementary solo hp arr. C McKay
O'Carolan's Draught Arr. C McKay
Roof of the World composed by Catriona McKay hp solo int/adv level
LOON MOUNTAIN MOOSE Catriona McKay (Solo Harp Intermediate & Advanced versions)
ISLE OF AIGAS Advanced Harp Solo, Intermediate Harp Solo, tune & chords arr. C McKay
Squire Parsons, O'Carolan Arr. C McKay
Sir Arthur Shaen arr. C McKay
The Harper's Dismissal, Advanced Harp Solo, arr. C McKay
Alastair m'annsachd, traditional slow air from Scotland arr. C McKay
Minnie O Shirva's Cradle Song, Elementary arr. C McKay
12 trad tunes (elementary) arr. Catriona McKay
THE BONFIRE SET, traditional Scottish strathspey and reels,  arr. C McKay
Crodh Chailein, Colin’s Cattle arr. Catriona McKay
Bi Éoghainn, Euan’s Boat Arr. C McKay
Fac’ Thu Na Feidh, Did you see the Deer? arr. C McKay
Greenland Man’s Tune arr. C McKay

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