Velvet Happy Hour, by Brett Van Donsel
Vice Beat! by Brett Van Donsel
Beware the Shrike by Brett Van Donsel
Brett Van Donsel - Salt, Gold and Ivory
Flowers of Rio Branco by Brett Van Donsel
Orchestral Mountain
Mystery Awakens by Brett Van Donsel
Medieval Adventure - Includes loopable version
Convergence of Hornets
Wedding Etude #1 by Brett Van Donsel
Morning Mist
Call the Fuzz by Brett Van Donsel
Horror Opening Credits - By Brett Van Donsel
Eighteen Wheels
The Future Begins Today
Heaven's Operating System
Iron Dragon Massacre
We're Almost Rockin' Now
From Marrakesh to Timbuktu by Brett Van Donsel
In the Year 2000
Singing Bowl SoundScape
FEMA by Brett Van Donsel
Meanwhile Back at the Saloon
Rattlesnake Railroad (aiff with Creative Commons license and alternate version with no vocal)
Dusty Rock Steady with Creative Commons Licence
Manchester Mystery - High quality aif for Creative Commons licensing.
The Marshmallow Strut - Aif For Creative Commons License
Roller Rink Bossa aif for Creative Commons License
Bancello Suite pt II - Happy Busy People -by Brett Van Donsel.  aif for Creative Commons License
A Minor Jazz aif for creative commons license.
Sentimental Marimba - High quality aiff for Creative Commons license use
Bison: Trouser 1999, composed by Brett Van Donsel
Gypsy Jazz in Paris 1935 by Brett Van Donsel


A wide variety of music written by Brett Van Donsel for all uses: Film, TV, Videos, Video Games, etc.


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