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Mandolin Essentials Package
Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course
How to Change Mandolin Strings eBook
Banjo Instruction Course
Play Banjo By Ear - Video Course
Jam Session Survival PDF Book
Complete Mandolin Learning System
Complete Banjo Learning System
Mandolin Master Class eBook + 11 MP3 Tracks
Dulcimer Instruction Course + MP3 Tracks
The Flint Hill Scrolls - PDF eBook
Bluegrass Family Band Song Book
Mandolin Handbook eBook
Wild & Weird Banjo Endings + MP3 Tracks
Mandolin Excursion eBook
Easy to Pick Banjo Tabs
Mandolin Training Camp eBook + 15 MP3 Tracks
Metronome - 24 MP3 Tracks


Musician, teacher, author of 12 books and creator of over 70 instructional instrument videos.


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