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Please, make sure that the model will suit to your project by checking the preview images and 3D Model description. If you’re unsure or have doubts, please ask and your questions will be answered precisely and quick to avoid any misunderstandings.

The “streets” in the title ("XYZ" Streets and Buildings 3D models) means the area between the buildings. It is not a separate 3D model. There are models available called “XYZ” Road Network and Streets where the streets are actual 3D models. You can check the details of every model by watching the preview images. You’ll get exactly that 3D model on purchase which you see on the preview images.

Please note, that the model might have buildings missing if there is no data available for certain parts of the city depending on the degree of data processing. Missing parts might be available later and if it happens an update will come to the models.
Also there might be buildings already on the map which they don’t even exist yet due to urban planning projects regarding to the future.

Those 3D models are compatible with each other where the description clearly includes this kind of information.

If you need a city with very high details, maximum precision of heights of the buildings, focusing on specific areas or you’re unsure and have questions, please make sure to ask before you make the purchase so that you can have all the information you need to make a proper decision.

These models are basically designed to show and present the city/area in the title in a minimalistic concept. They show a close to exact streets and buildings alignments including heights therefore they can be used for many purposes but they are not designed to build high precision urbanscape and such.

On purchase, you’ll receive exactly the 3D model that you see on the preview images. You can then render the model in your scenes. Lighting environment is not included although you can download a render studio for Free in .c4d (native format) and .fbx (exchange format) for these city 3D models.

Free render studio download : https://sellfy.com/p/wzYT/

On purchase you’ll get 1 .zip file including the mentioned file formats in the description OR models uploaded after cc. July 2018 you’ll get separate .zip files for each file formats.

These models are not designed for 3D printing.

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