Sci-Fi Shapes - The Molecule 3D model

Sci-Fi Shapes Space Stations are part of the Sci-Fi Project by boscorelli3D

Sci-Fi Shapes - The Molecule 3D model
  • Sci-Fi Shapes - The Molecule was created by using separate levels of high detailed 3D geometry / 3 levels total
  • 1 molecule object with 3 levels of geometry : LOD0 / LOD1 and LOD2
  • each level (LOD) is a unique object / levels can be turned off/on
  • 2 textures included (1 color texture 4096x4096 and 1 normal map 4096x4096) | Tip : by modifying the scale parameters of the texture you can achieve different design looks / also playing with the reflection parameters it can give you nice results
  • UV mapped / UVs are non overlapping on LOD0 and LOD1 and overlapping on LOD2
  • can be used for CGI scenes, virtual world visualisation, any sci-fi, fantasy projects the only limit is your imagination
  • real-time usage such as video games, VR and AR projects is possible with LOD2 turned off (LOD2 turned on can make the scene too heavy for real time projects)

TOTAL (with LOD2 (Level Of Detail) ON)
POINTS : 2504230

POLYGONS : 1854370


Points : 12559

Polygons : 13070

with LOD1 ON

Points : 128388

Polygons : 129172

Available Formats (this is not a physical product but a digitally downloadable content in the following 3D formats) :
  • .c4d 

  • .fbx - v7.4
  • .dae - v1.5

  • .obj
 with .mtl
  • .blend
This 3D model can be licensed under Royalty Free License Terms.

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