Sci-Fi Shapes - The Necropolis 3D model

Sci-Fi Shapes Space Stations are part of the Sci-Fi Project by boscorelli3D

Sci-Fi Shapes - The Necropolis 3D model
  • Sci-Fi Shapes - The Necropolis 3D model was created by using separate levels of high detailed 3D geometry / 3 levels total
  • 1 main object included with 3 levels of geometry : LOD0 / LOD1 and LOD2
  • each level (LOD) is a unique object / levels can be turned off/on
  • low-poly model even with Level 1 turned on (see Points and Polygons info below)
  • doors on the crypts can be opened/closed (axis / rig point set properly)
  • 2 textures included (1 color texture 4096x4096 and 1 normal map 4096x4096) | Tip : by modifying the scale parameters of the texture you can achieve different design looks / also playing with the reflection parameters it can give you nice results
  • UV mapped / UVs are overlapping on LOD 2 and non-overlapping on LOD0 and LOD1 | Tip : using in game engines dynamic shadows and lights (not static baked lightmap) should be used to avoid light map UV issues
  • can be used for CGI scenes, virtual world visualisation, any sci-fi, fantasy projects the only limit is your imagination
  • the 3D model can also be used in next-gen real-time environments such as video games , VR and AR projects etc. If Level 2 is turned off it can be used well in regular real-time environments.(with level 2 turned on it might be a heavy object for “old school” real-time designs)

Points and Polys of ALL OBJECTS in this project -

TOTAL (with LOD2 (Level Of Detail) ON)
POINTS : 3536225

POLYGONS : 2925285


Points : 26430
Polygons : 25746

with LOD1 ON

Points : 244684
Polygons : 234044

Available Formats (this is not a physical product but a digitally downloadable content in the following 3D formats) :
  • .c4d
  • .fbx - v7.4
  • .dae - v1.5
  • .obj
  • .blend
This 3D model can be licensed under Royalty Free License Terms.

The Sci-Fi Project by boscorelli3D