1. BOPJazz Exercise Program - Section One: The Warm-up

Section One:  The Warm-Up
With any dance exercise program or class,  it is essential to begin with an effective Full Body Warm-Up.

The key purpose of the BOP Jazz Warm-Up, is to first get into what Dollie call's the CREATIVE ZONE! 

The Warm-Up ... is really essentially to prepare the body and allow the flow of blood and oxygen to get moving through the body and muscles. This will also release any tension and ignite the endorphins as you stretch and synchronise your breathing to the movement of exercise and the music sounscape.

Remember to work at your own level and ability and if needed adapt the exercises to suit your body. Take your time to understand the principles behind connecting with your breathe, the movement of exercise, the music and yourself.  

As you continue through the Warm-Up exercises, you will achieve a greater awareness of connection between your mind, body and spirit. 

Lets Get Started!

*Disclaimer – if you have any injuries or health concerns, please take care and adapt the exercise program to suit your personal and physical needs.