Online-Live Classes with Mama Doll

COVID19 and the Lockdown of Dance studios, has changed all the perameters of many freelance teachers and creatives, their students and class participants. We've all had to go online to give and get our dance training and creative fix!

For the interim
 and in light of the situation, Mama Doll is still able to share with her Global Dance Community.

Link up with Dollie on InstagramLive on Sunday's at 4pm for her infamous Sunday Jazz Congregation - handle @dolliehenry and Thurday Mornings for her BOP Morning Wake & Shape-Up Ritual - handle @bopjazzuk 

By DONATING what you can, which is very much appreciated, you are supporting us, your freelance teachers and industry creatives, who share with you. Its a simply and fair way to say - THANK YOU!!