Music - BOPJazz Dance Exercise Program

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A message from Paul Jenkins - BOP Co-Artistic Director, Composer/Producer.

Music has always been a gateway through which we can experience many different emotional and intensely personal journeys. As a composer, I have always been interested in how we respond both physically and emotionally to music and how it can change the way we feel, see and Dance!

Working with Dollie over the last 20 years, it has been fascinating to witness how music resonates within a dancers body. How Dollie interprets and choreographs to music opens a wide spectrum of rhythmic expression and creative experiences for me as a composer. 
At the out set of the BOPJazz Dance Exercise project. Dollie & I worked closely to develop a certain musical flow and mood. An understanding of the pulse and intention of the physical movement was essential to create a musical score that appropriately reflected the movement for each exercise section. The aim to bring the essence of Jazz dance and Jazz music working sympathetically together for a complete Jazz art experience.  
As the music to the BOP Exercise Program, is to be listened to repeatedly, the compositions needed to be emotionally inviting and sensory to the ear, so as to enable the individual to experience not only a musical journey, but the journey of the exercise through music. 
My hope is that there is enough interest in the music to keep the musical ear engaged and surprised after many sessions working your body and senses through The BOP Jazz DanceXercise Program.

Paul J.

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