Book - The Essential Guide to Jazz Dance

The new and exciting book by BOP Artistic Directors
Dollie Henry & Paul Jenkins 


A BOOK SHELF - must have for any dancer, teacher, or creative.

Dollie & Paul as creative Jazz artists and educators, have provided the dancers book shelves with an accessible and credible Jazz Book for the 21st Century.  

The Essential Guide to Jazz Dance offers a practical and uncomplicated overview to the multi-layered history, practices and development of jazz dance as a creative and artistic dance form.
Jazz dance and its inherent music is recognized as one of the original and most potent art forms of the last two centuries. From its African roots to our present-day global dance community, the jazz idiom has afforded a cross-fertilization with all other artistic, cultural and social representations within the arts industry, providing an accessible dance platform for dancers, teachers and creatives to enjoy both recreationally and professionally. 

Now you can read all about the JAZZ dance, music, the innovators, creatives and the be informed of the true essence of this incredible art. The book is an essential read for any dancer, teacher, creative to use as a legitimate tool to research, discover and understand the Jazz art form not just as word, but a creative and artistic form of expression and life.

💥JAZZ knowledge is Jazz POWER💥 

Whats inside this well structured book:
208 colour and 17 black & white photos and 10 colour diagrams
The incredible history and lineage of jazz dance
Specifics of jazz aesthetic, steps and styles
An insightful and detailed breakdown of a practical jazz dance warm-up and technical exercises
Creative frameworks to support development of jazz dance expression and aesthetic
Performance and improvisation
Jazz music and musical interpretation
Choreographing and creating jazz works

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