Monologue Patches by BoB SwanS

70 patches for the Korg Monologue
Including Bass,Duo,Fx,Lead and Perc sounds
The majority of patches use the Mod slider
to create variation while playing.
The patches are available in Sysex and Moglib formats

The YouTube demo goes through over half of the 70 patches included.
The video was recorded in one take and edited, It includes sequences and patches that are played live (badly) and tweaked.

The audio on the demo is recorded with
the Monologue master volume at 12 O'clock
into the line in of my audio card. No EQ is used
but I do use reverb on all the patches and some delay
on the lead and fx patches. I use Madrona Labs
Aaltoverb and Soundtoys Echoboy.