Daily Sleep Journal and Workbook

Do you Worry about your Lack of Sleep?

As someone who suffered from chronic insomnia for years, I also know how much your mind affects your sleep. From a racing mind to sleep anxiety and everything in between, what goes on between your ears can keep you awake just as much as drinking too much caffeine.

That’s why I’ve designed this journal to address insomnia from the sleep anxiety aspect. Writing down your anxieties about sleep is just as important as keeping track of what activities you do leading up to bed.

Benefits of Using this Journal to Help Sleep Anxiety:
  • Journaling your worries materialize them into a tangible object, which helps to get them off your mind.
  • Helps to shut your brain off and sleep.
  • Teaches you to replace negative sleep thoughts and feelings with positive ones.
  • Moves your mindset from “sleep’s not possible” to “I sleep like a boss!”
  • Rewires your brain to think sleep comes effortlessly
  • Teaches your brain to reject negative sleep thoughts