2017 auction offering from blortblort
Filmstrips from the 70's (presets for Repro-1 by blortblort)
Synbios for Sylenth
Number Stations for Ronin
Pickled Beats for Stutter Edit by blortblort
revenir for FabFilter's ONE by blortblort
elokuva - 170 presets by blortblort for Sonic Charge's Synplant
1987 - 127 presets by blortblort for Sonic Charge's Synplant
Boards of Carrollton-  157 presets for Synplant
96 [3am BB beats 96bpm Project]
Five Flavors Loops
blortblort's Bank o' Phun for Softube's HeartBeat Drum Synthesizer
'tempus aquis' 128 brand new sounds for Phonec 2.1 from Psychic Modulation
stumbl (preset banks for Ohmforce's legendary Ohmboyz)
Resident Resonance (presets for Eventide H3000 Band Delay) by blortblort
ClutterFist (presets for FabFilter's Timeless2) by blortblort
blortblort's Selective Reality (Virus TI soundset)


Rhythm and noise.


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