BjjBrick Fun Pack

The BjjBrick Fun Pack is a first time ever collection of some of the greatest times we have had on The BjjBrick Podcast. This is a collection of 14 Mat Tale stories; stories from the community that often have an unexpected twist or a bit of crazy thrown into them. We have also thrown in some of our most popular clips from the World's Most Interesting Grappler. 
You will enjoy the following mat tales:
  • Locked Up
  • Brown Town
  • Bad Camera Work
  • January
  • Mouth Piece
  • Oscar the Cat
  • Triple Lindy
  • Socks on the Mat
  • Swear Jar
  • MMA K-fed
  • Not a Hero
  • Kids Drop In
  • Coach Santa
  • And a Bonus Mat Tale from when Byron was a purple belt!