Dharma Protectors for Daily Practice 2017

TABLET version - not for printing. © October 2017 Bero Jeydren Publications. 90 pages. Updated dharma protectors used for daily practice from Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, includes: Damchen Chitor, concise offerings to Lhachen, Nojin Shenpa, Tsi-u Marpo, Tsen, Marpo Lhasum, Ekajati, Rahula, Dorje Lekpa, Drekpa De-gyay, Phur-sung, Treasure Guardian of Drolo & Phurba, Drakshul Wangpo, Invocation, Fulfillment Invocation (Trin-chol), Requesting the Enlightened Activities, Request to the Dharmapalas to Fulfill Wishes, and Seng-dong T'hal-deb.
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