Dispelling the Darkness of Doubt (Yogi Ornaments)

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Dispelling the Darkness of Doubt: The Spontaneous Song that Discloses the Symbols of a Yogi’s Body, Speech, and Mind (Yogi Ornaments) by Rigdzin Kunzang Tobden Wangpo, with an Introduction by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

© 1996-2009 Third Edition, Bero Jeydren Publications

Tibetan and English, half-page format, 36 pages. Also available in print through Dharma Treasures here: http://www.dharmatreasures.com/dispelling-the-darkness-of-doubt-by-rigdzin-kunzang-tobden-wangpo-with-introduction-by-lama-tharchin-rinpoche/