Khandro Norlha
Collection of Seven Treasures Drupchen Manual
Collection of Seven Treasures Daily Practice
Collection of Seven Treasures Sadhana
Orgyen Menla Excellent Vase of Nectar
Orgyen Menla Drubpa
Buddha Puja and Shower of Blessings
Concise Severance Ritual half-page
Concise Severance Ritual by Dudjom Lingpa
Khandro Tuk-Tik Sadhana
Seng-Dong T'hal-Deb
Khandro Tuk-Tik Phowa
Excellent Treasure Vase of Blessings
Chariot to the Realm of Bliss Phowa
Dharma Protectors for Daily Practice 2017
Riwo Sang Chod with Wind Horse Smoke Offering and Commentary
Cultivating the Two Accumulations
Manjushri Prayer of Unchanging Auspiciousness
Richo Mountain Retreat
Preliminary Practices of the Dudjom Tersar - TABLET
Dudjom Tersar Concise Ngondro Daily Practice
Vajrasattva Practices for the Time of Death
Prayer of the Three Kayas
Maha Guru Prayer
Troma Nagmo Condensed Daily Practice, Tsok & Concise Severance Ritual
Amitabha Pureland Practice (The Excellent Path to Omniscience)
The Eightfold Profound Essence Green Tara
Copper-Colored Mountain Prayer Collection
The Chariot of Great Merit (Vajrasattva) for tablet
Calling the Lama (Nying U Day Pay) audio
Calling the Lama (Ngo Wo Do Nay) audio
Calling the Lama (Nying U Day Pay)
Calling the Lama (Ngo Wo Do Nay) text
Collection of Troma Practices Tibetan Only tablet
Gongpa Yongdu Jinsek
Namchak Pudri - Short Daily Practice
Pudri Rekpung - Daily Practice
The Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo - Tablet Format
Magical Play of the Original State
The Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo
Preliminary Practices of the New Treasures of Dudjom


Bero Jeydren was founded by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche to compile, translate and make available important texts of the Nyingma, especially the Dudjom Tersar.


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